Saturday, 19 February 2011


the tape tap, since i have been at uni i have struggled with bill's, food and money in general. mainly because my parents wont state there income and i cant get my bursary, this had led me with hardly any materials. but for some reason i find the pressure of limited resources and the use of my environment better to work with. this is one piece that i did when i was at uni, i was playing around with tape in the studio and just highlighted the shadows of the text with tape... i though that this would look better if it was x10 bigger, so i went to the tech dept and stole some gaffa tape, i had a practise and the first word was "TAP",  but as you can see the p fell off :s but it was a learning curve, ive decided to name this the tape tap, look out for more in Southampton as they get bigger and better x

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